Our Programs

Nursing Mission Statement

The mission of the Nursing Program at Christian International College is to provide accessible education to a diverse student population for the development of future nurses. Through the sequential acquisition of knowledge and skills, students will be equipped to enter the field of Nursing as entry-level practitioners that are well prepared to deliver care to patients in a safe, efficient, effective manner that promotes health and well-being. The Mission will be accomplished through innovative and flexible Christian nursing programs that reflect the needs and trends of society. Our licensed and approved nursing programs are implemented by faculty who are committed to educate the student body with the highest standards and who promote clinical practice, scholarly activity, and a sound theoretical foundation of nursing, service to the community and to a greater humanitarian world view.

Nursing Philosophy

Nursing education is based on meeting the needs of the population by understanding the needs of the individual/family and society to impact health and well-being.  Learning is a life-long process and life experiences foster the concepts of human interaction, cultural diversity, health, person, environment, and knowledge development.  Nursing is a distinct profession which interacts with clients and the environment to promote health, wellness, disease prevention and episodic care.  Nursing is both an art and science concerned with all variables affecting clients in the physiological, psychological, and spiritual dimensions.  Effective nursing practice requires a creative, disciplined, and intellectual approach firmly rooted in sound theories, practice, and research.  An environment of caring which includes recognition of the sanctity of life has a distinct impact on individuals, families, and communities.